All children who go to CHEER sponsored kindergartens enjoy a full day of activities, a hot lunch, nap time, and snack. Each school has two classrooms, two restrooms, a large kitchen/eating area, and a front and back yard. Most schools were able to fence the school’s yard with native plants. Classrooms are equipped with desks and chairs, bookshelves, and instructional materials. The kitchen has two burners and shelves.

Teachers are trained in their field and contracted by the local office of education. They plan the classroom syllabus. A daily schedule is posted on the bulletin board on the front wall of the school. A care giver is in charge of preparing a hot lunch for the children. A lunch menu is developed by both the teacher and the care giver to insure that children get adequate daily nutrition. Children tend their own vegetable gardens with the help of the teachers. Vegetables from the garden are used daily for lunch.

Every year CHEER replaces old toys with new ones and provides additional instructional materials as well as picture books. This summer CHEER presented a T.V. and refrigerator to each site. The teachers assured us that the children are only allowed to watch T.V. while waiting to be picked up by their parents.