2005. It was my first year with Cheer. I was 23 then, just graduated from university, and was one of the two youngest participants in that year workshop. Six years has past, but every thing is still clear in my mind when I remember of that morning in July when I first met Co Nam Hau and the enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers in Cheer team. Shy as I am always, I sat at the back sit without saying anything. But gradually, Cheer blew away my shyness and helped me step forward with many useful and interesting activities. At the end of the workshop, I realized that everyone had internal strengths. What a teacher should do is to wake up the sleeping desire inside of each student and let them show what they have. From that time on, I promise myself that I will try my best to inspire my students the way I was totally inspired by Cheer.

2006. I was very surprised when I was chosen as a facilitator. I was very excited and had a lot of fun. I built my team work skill working with my partner, Phuong. One teacher that I remembered most is Mr. Wei and his wife Mrs. Martha. I learned a lot from their calmness and their dedication to work.

2007. This year saw my growth as I could stand up and present my ideas in a regional workshop, which I have never done before. I felt nervous, anxious and also a little bit proud. “I can do it, I can do it”. I whispered to myself with joy when the presentation came to the end.

2010. We read a lot. The more I read, the more I understand about the beauty of the literature works of American contemporary writers. Another section I participated in that year workshop was the part about teaching children. I loved this part very much because I can use many of the activities to teach and play with my daughter.

In short, let me have a simile like this: 2005 workshop was like the strong winds of winter storms that changed my point of view about teaching. 2006 workshop let me enjoy the pleasant winds of spring. 2007 made me feel the real hot of summer when I stood in front, co-presenting our topic in the regional workshop. 2010 brought me the fresh peaceful autumn breeze with singing and dancing children songs and with literature.

All four seasons reunite in one Cheer season this year, 2011. Nearly all of those emotions come back to me as I was chosen as a facilitator again. If there is one thing that want to say, that is I always admire the teachers in Cheer team. Teaching is not about knowledge only, it is also about shaping good characters. To me, they all have set good examples.