Dear CHEER for Viet Nam,

When I got the email forwarding from CHEER for Viet Nam’s dedicated director, co Nam Hau (as often respectfully and tenderly addressed by us VTTPers) asking for our thoughts and impacts of CHEER’s Traversing Borders: Viet Nam Teacher Training Program [VTTP] in our professional and life, I felt an overwhelm of emotions and recalls of experiences from the journey that I’ve got the chance to be involved in.

Throughout its traversing borders journey in Viet Nam from 10 years ago, after its successful launching of the pilot program in Ha Noi in 2001 and its second productive running in Nha Trang in the following year, CHEER has planted a seed for a bloom of a permanent VTTP program in Hue since then, which has brought us invaluable exposure to hands-on experiences in innovative teaching methodologies and opportunities for professional networking and cultural understanding between Vietnamese and American peoples. I myself feel I was really lucky to have a great opportunity to be involved in the very first session of the program in Hue in 2003 as a participant and get the honor to be invited back and join many sessions in the years afterward as a facilitator, teaching assistant and conference organizing team member. Each of the role in the journey has always inspired me much in its own unique way, which bring me freshness, dynamism and experiences in many aspects for the nurture of my professional development.

Due to some other occupied study or work plans, some of us VTTPers might have had some intervals in our involvement in the program, but the occasional get-together with other participants or facilitating group members or a catch-up with VTTP trainers on their return to Hue for the training almost every year are always the good chances for the maintain of continuous networking and sharing of academic experiences, specifically in our teaching application. And, to my impression, I still hear the professional and whole-hearted VTTP teachers acting meaningfully.

“The Lotus Seed” and “Folding Cranes” in the Reader Theater. I still see all of us culturally-aware participants creatively performing sketches of the Immigrant Groups. I still feel all of us motivated participants engrossing in our pieces of scenery description in the fascinating learning environment Field Trip. I still sense from the Gallery Walk the creativeness and imagination of colleagues composing new lyrics for John Lennon’s Imagine, creating touching or funny Acrostic Poems. I still taste the favorite yummy American classic Peanut Butter and Jelly, and the fresh fancy Guacamole from the Sharing Foods and Writing Recipes activities. I still experience how I learned and grew up a lot from being a team member organizing CHEER’s first International Conference on TESOL…

And I do strongly believe all other VTTPers can also perceive their personal and professional development from the program in one way or another.

By launching and dedicating to the Viet Nam Teacher Training Program, you’ve all been Traversing Borders and Planting a Seed of Peace, a Seed of Inspiration for the Full Blossoming of the Viet Nam Teachers’ Professional Development as well as for the Mutual Understanding of both Cultures. On the occasion CHEER celebrates its 10th anniversary, may we wish CHEER for Viet Nam great expansion and great achievements in their program in the years to come.

With best regards,
Qúy Thu