Dear Cô Nam Hậu,

I am really sorry because I could not reply you earlier. In fact, the time I received your email, I was occupied with school-work, so I could not manage the time to write to you sooner.

In fact, like other teachers, I was impressed by the workshop 2011 last summer. It was a giant workshop with more than 110 participants and till the end of the workshop, it seemed that every participants felt pleased with this workshop and proud that they were members of the workshop. We admired you, Ms. Nam Hau, a thoughtful, devoted, generous, caring lady with big ideas and great manner. We love you and all teachers from cheers. They are so wonderful. We felt lucky because we had chances to meet you all every year.

I am grateful for cheer, which inspired me and “equipped” me with valuable knowledge and experiences (not only teaching methodology, leadership skill but also some other skills needed for ordinary life). From being a ‘weak’ teacher in manner and teaching method, thanked to cheers’ workshops, I was encouraged to be self-taught…. And years by years, I became stronger and stronger… I took a M.A. course for teaching methodology and finished it in 2008.  In short, it is true to say, cheers has changed my life positively. Now, I can contribute more teaching than I used to do…