I don’t know how to say…Words can’t express my emotions now. I just know that each academic year, when the summer comes, my heart beats with joy because I have chance to meet everybody, to work, to talk and to listen to each other.

I will never forget the day I first attended CHEER workshop in 2003, I was deeply moved and impressed by Co Nam Hau’s welcoming speech. Her words were so warm and we understood her heart in each line. Thank you, CHEER FOR VIET NAM, for making us a family and for planting seeds of peace among us.

As a teacher of English, I always cherish my dream – to study in an English speaking country to perfect my English and…annual CHEER workshops have done me good. Not only am I able to improve my knowledge and skills in teaching English but I also learn lots of useful things in life from CHEER teachers.

I hope our friendship will last forever and we are provided more opportunities to network and to build a professional community where each of us could contribute to the building of a foundation for Viet Nam in general, and for our Hue City, in particular, to move towards the future in the area of teaching and learning English.