I never forget the first time I attended CHEER’s training course in Hue, 2003. It was such a special one that started the bond of CHEER and teachers from Hue like me since then. Time’s really passed by but the memory of the Summer cheerful days with American and Vietnamese teachers is not pale in my mind.

Since the beginning days of CHEER’s project in Hue City, I’ve attended four times of the VTTP (VTTP 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010) and had many opportunities to learn from such dedicated American trainers. That has been my happiness and pride.

It has been ten years since CHEER started VTTP in Viet Nam. In my opinion, the program is a remarkable one that has high impacts on the trainees because it meets the trainees’ needs and can be applied easily. I’ve learnt a lot of new and useful things about teaching techniques, giving presentation, organizing a conference, team working, leadership and even composing poems and music. We really had a great time whenever we attended CHEER’s workshops.

I really admire Co Nam-Hau, the president of CHEER. Her charity mission and education to help people in need is well-known in Viet Nam, especially in Hue City. Her hard work and enthusiasm inspired us to start caring to others and work better.

Thank you so much, my dear teachers from CHEER, you gave me the sense of success! And I’m proud of being one of the CHEER’s students!