Dear teachers of CHEER,

Every year when summer comes, a lot of teachers of English at Hue College of Foreign Languages as well as many other teachers of English in Hue city can’t help asking each other about CHEER, about whether or not Mrs Nam Hau and other teachers from Los Angeles come to Hue this time. We always wait for your return with so much love and gratefulness from deep in our hearts for what you have brought us.

We will never forget the first days in a small room at Hue University where teachers of CHEER gave us the first lessons which now we not only keep in mind but also adapt them in our English classes so frequently. In order to make friends with students in the first lesson, we often use the activity “ Who are you? What common things do your group have? “ which gives the class a very active atmosphere. To teach reading effectively, we let students brainstorm with the chart KWL, which inspires both the students and the teacher a lot. To improve our students’ writing, we let them compose Haiku poems which Mr Randy taught us to do.

We can never forget “ a big idea” which Mr Brock told us to think about before writing when we went fieldtrip to Thien Mu pagoda or Tu duc tomb. We can never forget the interesting teaching ways of CHEER teachers which help us a lot in our teaching.

Thanks to 10 Workshops of CHEER we can keep in touch with other English teachers in Thua Then –Hue province and get so close to each other since the first time CHEER came to Hue.

To be honest, among so many English workshops that we have attended, CHEER workshops are really the most impressive to us all. Thank you so much for the lessons you give us in class and also for what you bring us in our life.