Initiated by CHEER, this latest collaboration with Việt Nam National University, Hồ Chí Minh City (VNU HCM) aims to honor students in any field, at the six universities members of VNU HCM who excel at innovation and creativity while advancing their higher education at VNU HCM. We support students whose projects with scalable, replicable and sustainable solutions will benefit individuals and communities in Việt Nam. This scholarship is not a conventional scholarship rewarding academic achievement or providing financial support.

We are looking for students who have solved artistic, scientific, linguistic, social and technical problems in a new or unusual way; students who have explored the latest thinking and ideas to address social, technical and environmental challenges and develop distinctive solutions to problems faced by their classrooms, schools, families, work place or communities; or students who have developed an innovative way to address climate change, alternative energy, food safety, nutrition, people’s health, relationships, social diversity and entrepreneurship, social equity, economy, law, etc…

Work is underway by CHEER and VNU HCM to launch this new initiative in the 2015 school year. At the end of the project cycle recipients will share their work at VNU HCM Day of Innovation and Creativity.