In March 2014, CHEER offered an intensive two-week seminar to 65 enthusiastic Young Leadership (under 35) at VNU HCM.

The signing of a five-year MOU between CHEER and VNU HCM in 2013 has opened pathways for collaboration between the two organizations. CHEER assists VNU HCM to enhance its governance and build leadership capacity in the process of transforming its higher education. CHEER works actively to connect VNU HCM with accredited universities in California, including UCLA.

The CHEER reception at UCLA in August, 2013 for a VNU HCM senior executive delegation headed by VNU HCM President Phan Thanh Bình has opened opportunities for VNU HCM to engage with several UCLA academic communities. The meeting between UCLA Dean of Graduate School of Education and Information Studies (GSE&IS) and VNU HCM delegation ushered in a new collaboration between the two universities. Task forces are being formed to design a plan to build a Graduate School of Education at VNU HCM modeled after UCLA GSE&IS. This “university in transition” will benefit both universities and create a new model of cooperation in higher education between the two countries in the 21st century.

Through CHEER Traversing Borders: Việt Nam Leadership Training Institute (VLTI) for higher education we have provided seminars since 2012 to hundreds of VNU HCM leadership, executive, senior administrators and staff at six universities members of VNU HCM.