In 2015 Dr. Tôn Thất Chiểu and his wife Ms. Bùi Bội Tiên funded the repair of the following six kindergartens: La Chữ, An Hoà, Mai Dương-Lâm Lý, Tiên Nộn, Diên Trường, and Đồng Lâm. On October 21st and 22nd, 2015, we visited Đồng Lâm, Diên Trường, Phổ Lại, Bình Thành, An Hoà and Mai Dương-Lâm Lý.

kindergarten1Đồng Lâm Kindergarten, Quảng Vinh, Quảng Điền District was built in 2004. Housing 79 children, the school has a new coat of pink paint and one of the two classrooms has a new ceiling. The back yard has been reinforced with new soil. The cost was $769.

Diên Trường Kindergarten, Thuận An, Phú Vang District, was built in 2006. The school has a new front yard, new coat of paint and new sets of doors and windows and houses 66 children. The repairs cost $1,435.

Tiên Nộn Kindergarten, Phú Mậu, Phú Vang District was built in 2007. With 60 children, the school has two classrooms with new tiles, new wall fans, electrical wires and outlets, and a new coat of paint. The cost of repair was $1,845.

An Hoà Kindergarten, Hương Sơ, Huế City, built in 2009, with 70 kids, has a brand new DVD, refrigerator, and toys for a total cost of $308.

kindergarten2Mai Dương-Lâm Lý, Quảng Phước, Quảng Điền District, built in 2010. The four-room houses 128 children. The repair of $1,012 included tiling of four concrete classroom walls and a new aluminum roof over the two restrooms.

La Chữ Kindergarten, Hương Chữ, Hương Trà District was built in 2011. Presently housing 76 children, the school has a new roof over the front yard which CHEER partly funded at $308.