Wishing You

Peace, Love and Kindness


Dear CHEER Community of Friends and Supporters,

We profoundly appreciate your immense compassion, kindness and commitment to peace and tolerance, and to making our world a better place for all!

Every year we return to Việt Nam accompanied by old and new friends to rekindle our human spirit, to learn and to live, and to appreciate the commonality that we all share and respect our differences.  Always with the clarity of our generous hearts.

Over the years you have traversed borders and transformed lives.  You have brought hope to the most destitute. Together we share the belief that  every child has a right to good health, to a good education and a safe environment in which to live and to dream and actualize his/her utmost potential. We have always been committed to make a difference in the life of a child, a teacher or a family.

We are grateful for your continual love, trust and support of our work in Việt Nam.


Peace and Love,

Nam-Hậu, Amanda and the CHEER Team


In April CHEER advisory board members Dr. Tôn Thất Chiểu and his wife, Ms. Bùi Bội Tiên, returned to Việt Nam and visited Huế City, their ancestral land. They were among the very first to work on our kindergarten project, no-interest revolving loan and scholarship programs. On this latest visit they were impressed by the warm welcome of both the children and staff at one of CHEER’s kindergartens in Huế City they helped fund.

In the same month, we led our Cultural and Educational trip to discover Việt Nam. The fourteen-day “magical trip” brought profound appreciation of the land, its people and culture to the group members, most of whom were on their very first visit to the country.

We travelled the length of the country by air, car, boat and train. We discovered the tumultuous old town in Hà Nội with street food lining the side walks. We listened to the  enduring ancient music played by the most passionate artists. We glided on serene Hạ Long Bay and trekked through the picturesque Sa Pa Valley in the northern mountains. We were awed at the natural lime stone carvings and grottos at Phong Nha Cave and humbled as we walked to the quiet Vinh Mốc Tunnel. The Imperial City of Huế offered a rich history, imperial food and music and folk poetry. We engaged in great  conversations with CHEER teachers over meals, visited CHEER kindergartens, vocational schools, and a craft village. We drove through green mountains overlooking blue ocean to arrive at the quaint city of Hội An. We learned to cook local dishes, visited local artists and tailors. We explored the vivacious Sài Gòn/Hồ Chí Minh City and the vast body of water of the Mekong delta. Everyone enjoyed learning about the diverse cultures of this fascinating land.

“You have taught us about the indomitable spirit and heart of the Vietnamese people, the beauty and diversity of your country, and the true extraordinary culture and cuisine of Viet Nam.  But mostly you have taught us that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ (Nelson Mandela)'”

Expressed the group after the trip.


In July, we congratulated seven CHEER Nursing Scholarship recipients graduating from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing. With a Bachelor degree of Nursing these young women are spreading their wings and fulfilling their dreams. We wish them the best of luck in their commitment to improve the health and well being of their communities.


CHEER Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity – This award will be administered by Việt Nam National University Hồ Chí Minh City six members universities and Centers in 2017. They are University of Natural Science, University of Technology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Information Technology, University of Economics and Law, and Universities of International Studies, and the Information Technology (IT) Park.

Co-Creation Space Sponsorship – CHEER is one of the sponsors of Việt Nam National University Hồ Chí Minh City IT Park new project, Co-Creation Space(CCS). The newly established CCS will provide a dynamic hub for young start-up social entrepreneurs to network, share new ideas, and collaborate in new creation and innovation.


On behalf of CHEER our partners in Huế City presented 250 deserving K-12 CHEER scholarships, 60 study corners, school supplies for 22 CHEER kindergarten classrooms.

We adapted a new Elementary School in Hồng Tiến village and provided 30 scholarships, 30 study corners and five bicycles to the most deserving students.

We provided fund for a new roof, classroom ceilings and a fence for Lại Ân Elementary School and school supplies for 22 kindergarten classrooms.

Tây Linh Vocational School – We supported 150 female handicapped students with hot meals, materials, computer classes and teacher’s salaries for 2016-2017.

Thánh Gióng Vocational and Job Placement Center for the Handicapped Students We made sure that all 150 handicapped students would have adequate materials for embroidery, sewing, traditional carving and crafts to hone their skills and to get ready for employment in 2017.

To facilitate a smooth transition into society, we also provided fund for 50 students to participate in Community Adjustment Activities. Workshop topics by professionals included prevention in drug use and sexual diseases, understanding the rights of children and the disabled.

Thanh Xuân Peace Village – We provided special aid, classroom supplies, instructional materials as well as psychological assistance to 150 students affected by Agent Orange.

Tuệ Tĩnh Free Health Clinic – The clinic provides free health screening to poor and low income folks in the communities surrounding Huế City. We supported the administrative staff who provide the tender care to the people in need.

Quán Tình Thương/Love Restaurant – The restaurant provides affordable lunches and dinners to mostly university students from poor families seven days a week. Our support helped retain the main cook and augment food supplies.

CHEER Nursing/Medical Scholarships – The scholarships are based both on financial needs and academic achievement. We selected 60 nursing students from 1st year-4th year; a third of the students were in the 4th year. This year was the first time we selected 10 best medical students for the Medical Scholarship Award. The majority of the students, from the central coastal and mountainous provinces, are from poor families.

Exchange Internship Program – With our support eight Vietnamese nursing students at Huế University of Medicine and Pharmacy/Faculty of Nursing will participate in an exchange program with American nursing students. For two weeks from late December 2016-January 2017, nursing students from California State University San Marcos will work alongside Vietnamese nursing students and instructors at Huế University Medical Hospital and health clinic in the mountainous region of Nam Đông in Central Việt Nam.

Relief to Fishing Villagers in Nghệ Tĩnh, Central Việt Nam – We responded timely to partially alleviate the suffering of the villagers who were affected by deadly toxic waste produced by one of Viet Nam’s foreign factories. The toxic waste killed thousand of fish along the central coast, limiting the main staple of the villagers’ diet.

Shortly after, another human made disaster flooded the same area from a damn. The deluge destroyed houses and killed domestic animals. The area once populated with humble thatched roof houses was devastated. Volunteers have been delivering thousand of boxes of instant noodles, plastic blankets and cash to the affected villages from contribution of communities in Việt Nam and outside of the country.