Our Mission

CHEER (Culture, Health, Education and Environmental Resources) for Viet Nam is dedicated to the service of disadvantaged children and family, the advancement of knowledge and understanding, the improvement of professional practice and contribution to the building of trust, tolerance and peace between the peoples of Viet Nam and the United States. We believe every child is entitled to good health, good education, a safe environment in which to live and to dream for a bright future. Our work is guided by the principles of collective responsibility and social equity, caring and dedication to the community we serve.


A desk, a chair and a bookcase.
A place of my own to study.
To dare to dream of my future and homeland.


Ducks and pigs, fruits and vegetables.
To feed my family healthy meals.
To dare to dream of a better life.

Children of Agent Orange

To heal the wounds of war.
To soar over limitation and unlock creativity.
To dare to live life as a gift.


To listen and to learn.
To create, inspire and educate.
To dare to lead my students to engage in the world.


Since its inception in 1993, CHEER for Viet Nam, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization based in California, has been dedicated to economic, educational and cultural projects that

  • improve the quality of the lives of disadvantaged children and people in Viet Nam;
  • enhance cross-cultural understanding, educational exchange and collaboration between Viet Nam and the United States;
  • contribute to the building of trust, tolerance, and peace among peoples.

With limited resources in comparison to the vast needs, we make a conscious effort to focus on small, achievable projects which are often the turning point in the life of a child, a student, an artist, a teacher, or a family.

To nourish young talent and to give children a healthy head start, we build kindergarten schools, establish reading rooms, and provide scholarships, study-corners, and musical instruments to gifted students in need. To strengthen communities, we provide seed money to impoverished families to become self-sufficient. To enhance cross-cultural understanding and to develop innovative teaching strategies for teachers, we provide opportunities for teachers in Viet Nam and the United States to work and learn together.

You can make a difference. Join us plant seeds of peace.