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2019 Updates

Wishing You Peace, Love and Kindness 2019 Dear CHEER Community of Friends and Supporters, We profoundly appreciate your immense compassion, kindness and commitment to peace and tolerance, and to making our world a better place for all! Every year we return to Việt Nam accompanied by old and new friends to rekindle our human spirit, [...]

Fall 2015 Update

Dear CHEER community of friends and supporters, At the approach of Thanksgiving on behalf of the CHEER Board of Directors and advisors and over 5,000 students from K-16 and hundreds of teachers and families whose lives you have touched and transformed over the years we would like to send each and every one of you [...]

A Visit to our Kindergartens

In 2015 Dr. Tôn Thất Chiểu and his wife Ms. Bùi Bội Tiên funded the repair of the following six kindergartens: La Chữ, An Hoà, Mai Dương-Lâm Lý, Tiên Nộn, Diên Trường, and Đồng Lâm. On October 21st and 22nd, 2015, we visited Đồng Lâm, Diên Trường, Phổ Lại, Bình Thành, An Hoà and Mai [...]

K-12 Scholarships Update

CHEER believes every child is entitled to good health, good education and a safe environment in which to live and to dare to dream and actualize his/her own future to the fullest. Since its inception on 1993, CHEER has been providing scholarships to hundreds of children and students from poor families. In the past [...]

Forty scholarships for Nursing students At Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Forty students at the Huế University of Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty of Nursing received CHEER Scholarship Awards at a ceremony on October 22, 2015. Present at the ceremony were Professor Võ Tâm, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Huế University of Medicine and Pharmacy (HUMP), Professor Lê Văn An, Dean of HUMP Faculty of Nursing, Dr. [...]

Huế Thương – Quán Chay phuc̣ vụ Sinh Viên Huế (Vegetarian Eatery for Huế Students)

From outside one easily mistakes the place as the entrance of an ancient temple. Two imposing rectangular pillars support a moss covered red tile roof. Suspended in the middle from underneath the roof is a piece of solid wood carved the words Huế Thương. To the right of the first pillar, erected a billboard with [...]

Leadership Training for Young Leaders at Viet Nam National University – Ho Chi Minh City

Fifty-five young leaders from Viet Nam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) attended CHEER's fourth Traversing Borders: Viet Nam Leadership Training Institute (VLTI) in October, 2015. The two-week intensive classes were conducted by Dr. Đoàn Thị Nam-Hậu and Mr. Luu Nguyen, a former IBM Project Executive at the invitation of the VNU- [...]

Tây Linh Vocational School

Tây Linh Vocational School offers embroidery, sewing and computer classes to young girls with special needs.

Thánh Gióng Vocational Center

Students with disabilities at Thánh Gióng Vocational Center are provided with a daily lunch and helps students find jobs after graduation.

Students at Thanh Xuân Peace Village

Children go to class daily to learn to read and write at Thanh Xuân Peace Village.