Traversing Borders: Viet Nam Teacher Training Program – VTTP

Established in 2001 the annual Summer VTTP features a three- tier program to meet the growing demand for effective English language instruction and qualifies English instructors in Viet Nam. The program provides a unique opportunity for Vietnamese teachers of English from secondary, college and university levels to interact with native speakers of English-qualified EFL/ESL teachers from the United States, to build a community of learners to address pedagogy and educational issues in teaching and learning English in Viet Nam and deepen the cultural understanding between Viet Nam and the United States.

Traversing Borders: Viet Nam Leadership Training Institute – VLTI

Established in 2005 VLTI offers seminars on leadership capacity building to leaders and executive administrators at college and universities in transition to enhance and transform their governance. VLTI also aims to engage educational leaders in a dialogue on current East and West educational leadership issues.