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Students at Thanh Xuân Peace Village

Children go to class daily to learn to read and write at Thanh Xuân Peace Village.

Students at Phú Mậu Elementary School Receive Scholarships and Study Corners

Hundreds of K-16 students in Việt Nam have received our annual scholarships which have enabled them to continue their education.

Quán Huế Thương, Affordable Vegetarian Eatery for Students in Huế

The vegetarian eatery attracts from 400 to 500 university students, most of whom live away from home in remote provinces while studying at the colleges or universities in Huế City.

Our Visit to Diên Trường Kindergarten in Thuận An City

CHEER friends and board members visited Diên Trường Kindergarten in Thuận An, City in September 2013. One of the 17 kindergartens built in poor villages by generous CHEER donors, the school accommodates up to 85 students in two classrooms. Each class has two certified teachers. A staff prepares a daily hot lunch in the kitchen [...]

Workshop on Safety for Babies and Children

CHEER sent the kindergarten teachers to attend an annual workshop on safety for babies and children.

CHEER Scholarship for Nursing Students

In this new collaboration between California State University San Marcos School of Nursing and Huế Medical School/School of Nursing, CHEER aims at providing a pathway for deserving first year students from poor families who live in mountainous and remote areas to actualize their dreams of becoming nurses.

CHEER Scholarship Award for Innovation and Creativity at VNU- HCM

Initiated by CHEER, this latest collaboration with Việt Nam National University, Hồ Chí Minh City (VNU HCM) aims to honor students in any field, at the six universities members of VNU HCM who excel at innovation and creativity while advancing their higher education at VNU HCM.

2013 Viet Nam Leadership Training Institute

The signing of a five-year MOU between CHEER and VNU HCM in 2013 has opened pathways for collaboration between the two organizations. CHEER assists VNU HCM to enhance its governance and build leadership capacity in the process of transforming its higher education. CHEER works actively to connect VNU HCM with accredited universities in California, including UCLA.

Discover Viet Nam: 2014

Our friends and supporters traveled with us to visit a country at peace, to discover its culture, history and people.

My Thoughts of CHEER: Diem Thi – Minh Duc

Every year when summer comes, a lot of teachers of English at Hue College of Foreign Languages as well as many other teachers of English in Hue city can’t help asking each other about CHEER, about whether or not Mrs Nam Hau and other teachers from Los Angeles come to Hue this time. We always wait for your return with so much love and gratefulness from deep in our hearts for what you have brought us.