Traverse Borders & Transform Lives


Le Thi Thanh Chi, Teacher of Hue College of Foreign Languages

I never forget the first time I attended CHEER’s training course in Hue, 2003. It was such a special one that started the bond of CHEER and teachers from Hue like me since then. Time’s really passed by but the memory of the Summer cheerful days with American and Vietnamese teachers is not pale in [...]

My thoughts of CHEER: Ten years of sweet memories by Tran Thi Ai Thanh

I don’t know how to say…Words can’t express my emotions now. I just know that each academic year, when the summer comes, my heart beats with joy because I have chance to meet everybody, to work, to talk and to listen to each other.

My thoughts of CHEER: Hanh Trang

Dear CO, It has been a long time since I had a good chance to attend Tier 1 and Tier 2! First, I would like to say Thanks to CHEER for all that you have done for us, Vietnamese teachers of English. I myself have learnt from VTTP a lot of valuable things, especially the teaching [...]

My Thoughts of CHEER: Du Huong

Dear Cô Nam Hậu, I am really sorry because I could not reply you earlier. In fact, the time I received your email, I was occupied with school-work, so I could not manage the time to write to you sooner. In fact, like other teachers, I was impressed by the workshop 2011 last summer. It was a [...]

My Thoughts of CHEER: Quy Thu

When I got the email forwarding from CHEER for Viet Nam's dedicated director, co Nam Hau (as often respectfully and tenderly addressed by us VTTPers) asking for our thoughts and impacts of CHEER's Traversing Borders: Viet Nam Teacher Training Program [VTTP] in our professional and life, I felt an overwhelm of emotions and recalls of experiences from the journey that I've got the chance to be involved in.

My thoughts of CHEER: The Breeze of Four Seasons by Le Pham Bao Ngoc

2005. It was my first year with Cheer. I was 23 then, just graduated from university, and was one of the two youngest participants in that year workshop. Six years has past, but every thing is still clear in my mind when I remember of that morning in July when I first met Co Nam [...]

Binh Dien High School Library

Binh Dien High School, located in the rural and mountainous Huong Tra district, is 30 km north of Hue City. It is at this village that CHEER established its first ten non-interest revolving loan programs. Six years later, Binh Dien has changed from a poor village to a self-sufficient one. The families who [...]

Kindergarten Projects

All children who go to CHEER sponsored kindergartens enjoy a full day of activities, a hot lunch, nap time, and snack. Each school has two classrooms, two restrooms, a large kitchen/eating area, and a front and back yard. Most schools were able to fence the school’s yard with native plants. Classrooms are equipped with desks [...]

2008 Viet Nam Teacher Training Program Summer Institute

CHEER’s 2008 Summer Institute, a partnership with Hue University, Hue College of Foreign Languages, was held in Hue city from July 14-25, 2008. Secondary, college and university teachers of English, American Studies, and administrators from Ho Chi Minh and Hue cities enthusiastically joined the two-week-long unique workshops to interact with native speakers of English—teachers from [...]

Dance, Music and Arts Class for Children with Special Needs

CHEER launched its pilot Dance, Music and Arts Class for children with special needs at Duc Son Orphanage in Hue city this summer.